And then Jack noticed something strange.

I told Vice you used to live in Boston.

Waiter, please bring me some water.


As soon as Jack saw her, he burst out crying.

We can build a wall with bricks and mortar.

The music has been mastered so loud for that album, that even non-audiophiles have complained about it.


I asked Roland what he wanted to do.

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You heard the news?

What did you tell them?

This theater seats several hundred people.

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He's under the thumb.

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Why did you ask her to send you her picture?

At a Japanese-style inn, they take care of your every need, so you don't have to lift a finger.

What does Casper do for a living?

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I'm amazed by the rate at which industries grow.

Not all real things are logical.

We're about to hit the road.


It's almost time for them to go.


My grandmother was gradually becoming forgetful and frail.


What I know of Norwegian I have taught myself.

Does Stanly believe in miracles?

Everyone looks great.

It was a genuine mistake.

We have to finish preparations for the party by tomorrow.

Yes, she's at home.

You owe it to those who are dependent upon you to do this.

We are going to Germany tomorrow.

This TV program is really quite interesting.

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He is as great a scholar as ever lived.


I know that in professional life,personal feelings should be put aside.

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I sent Jay flowers on Valentine's Day.

The trouble is you cannot work while watching TV.

Give him a call.


Ouch! My finger got caught in the door.

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A man can be himself only so long as he is alone.


I might talk to him.


That's cool.

Juan wasn't allowed to visit his father who was in prison.

I heard you were looking for a plumber.

I've already paid for the first lesson.

Did Gail tell you that he'd be late?

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Sorry. I missed the train.


Mario's check bounced.

Suzanne began climbing the ladder.

I could have been merry with you.

When you come to France, we will go to Marseille.

I don't think I've ever hated anyone so much.

I couldn't have done this without Gunter's help.

I felt the house shaking terribly.

I can get it done by Monday.

We should look around.

All my friends like him.

I guess not all my ideas are golden.


Japan's competitiveness is very strong in industrial products, but weak in agricultural products.

Amos is all tucked in.

Darren is up to his neck in debt.


They say we're going to get heavy rain.

Theo had no intention on waiting until Christie got back.

You'll understand when you grow up.

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Len isn't the man for the job.

Before they grasp what is happening to them, the police will arrest them.

Linda used to think Bret was the most beautiful woman in the world.

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Francois is pretty sure everything will go well.

Mongo ate my cookies.

Something's obviously wrong.

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I've seen her.

Malloy is helping his father.

Martin opened the left-hand drawer.

She looked in amazement.

They're going to torture you.

Mrs. Smith is actively engaged in volunteer work.

I have a daughter.


I will call back in twenty minutes.

He asked me a few questions.

She knows the truth.


I like to play the piano.

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We need to follow her.


The last wound proved fatal.

I think he will do his best.

Piercarlo has asked for time off next week.

Reiner loved his sister.

They don't know the rules.


This reviewer will also ever pray in the interest of the English language that the word "cute" be banished from the pages of serious literature.


You said you wanted more responsibility.

When was the last time you heard from Carter?

He is always busy.

I can recommend a good doctor.

Kristi made me leave.

I wish you had more time for me.

It is like casting pearls before swine.

You should buy him new toys.

What do you think of his attitude?


Stagger crashed.

I'd like to ask you some questions about some of the people you have working for you.

Do you have a business relationship with Randolph Ltd.?

I don't have anything I need to say to Clem.

His parents' view was that he was wasting his earnings on a silly girl.

During that winter, writing occupied most of my free time.

Jeffery and Jess avoided each other for days.

I had nothing in common with them.

I bet you didn't expect that to happen.

There are some who like it.

It rained hard all day today.

Tanaka has a problem.

Standing pools gather filth.


Are you asking for my help?

He has studied the cultures of Eastern Countries.

It's the newest model there is.

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Neal makes her living by sewing.

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Kristin didn't even try to get his homework done on time.

You probably want more money, don't you?

I play violin.


We have two boats.

Dani may still be there waiting.

The bullet penetrated his chest, leaving him in critical condition.


The town has changed a lot since then.

The cocido, what's in it?

A woman conceals what she does not know.

Has Blaine been seeing anybody?

You were seventh.


She got the money from him even though he said that he wouldn't give it to her.

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Kristi is a wonderful person.

Were you serious?

I'm sure Giles told you the truth.

This apple began to rot.

Carlo had no right to do that.

I like curls.

Do your best.

She works as a stripper.

Forget it. There's no sense giving him advice.


They don't always obey their parents.

May the blessings of God be upon you.

What's your plan with Dave?

Why didn't somebody stop them?

Emmett wasn't gone long.

We spoke for about three hours.

Pardon me for coming late.


Those people did not neglect their child because they used the Internet too much.

They came to ask for peace.

How long will the operation take?

Normally this would be funny.

We need some now.

We could write a book.

How many books are in your library?


You must always say the truth.

Previously the mechanic took a lot more.

Louiqa won't like it if you're late.

Micky knew that Rebecca kept a key under the doormat.

You're on to something.


They kept silent for fear of offending her.


I think I probably should go.


He gave his remembering of race horse names when he was a child as the source of his language ability.


What she heard chilled her to the bone.

He awoke with a start.

How did you learn to speak French so well?